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The Bruins’ victory parade is echoing from a few miles away. Father’s day is tomorrow. It’s raining heavily while the sun, as if needing to juxtapose, shines brightly. Caffeine is pumping through my system. Suffice to say, many random thoughts are rushing into my conscience. It’s hard to focus. Still, I’ve wanted to start an online blog for some time. Actually, I’ll be honest–it’s been a year in the making. I just wasn’t sure if what I had to say would be of particular interest to anyone. After flirting with wordpress and blogger a few hours at a time, I’ve come to the conclusion- I’m of interest to myself, so even if this is just for me, I’m okay with that. I live for myself after all, so why not write for myself too?

My plan is to blog my daily musings.. EVERY day.. that’s right. June 18, 2011 until June 18, 2012.. maybe it’ll go beyond that, maybe it won’t…But I’d like to think I can keep a resolution as simple as writing a couple of odd, incoherent words on my less than eloquent days.

So I shall begin by introducing myself.. (although it may be just to myself?).. OK.. whatever. I’m a 27, almost 28-year-old girl who is living in Boston.. hoping to attend law school one day, and make a difference. No, I did not get this desire from Legally Blonde. I’m no Elle Woods. I can’t keep my nails from chipping or getting banged up 5 seconds after a manicure. I do like small dogs though. Still.. it’s not about a perfect manicure, stilettos or a career helping Chihuahuas not get tested on.. I just want to make a career helping people. Yeah, yeah.. public service sounds like the cliché goal and perhaps it’s just a goal.. perhaps I’ll end up in a more corporate setting, as many do.. but for now, I’m plugging away my hours at a law firm learning all that I can, soak it all in, and trying to appreciate every minute of it.

My path in getting here has been long-winded. I’ll unravel my past as these blogs unravel, but 27 years of living.. that’s a lot to summarize in an introductory post. Plus, I think that’d just make the rest of my posts perhaps a little aimless and empty.

Anyways, the goal of my blog-musings is try living more aware .. aware of myself, so I can grow upon realizations/reflections and not to stay to stagnant in my life.  I’d ultimately love to connect with others who are in the same pursuit, but if that doesn’t happen, that’s fine.

So, a toast to this new blog: May it bring many dull/difficult days into perspective, many wonderful/joyous days into record and as much growth as I can embrace! Cheers!

P.S. Congrats Bruins!


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June 18, 2011 at 8:27 pm

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