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Father’s day

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It’s looking like perfect weather for outdoor father’s day BBQ-ing. I’m headed out shortly for a quick run before being picked up for a BBQ with the fam in the burbs. I’ll also get to see my little puppy Lalo..

And No, I did not dress her up that way. As much as my dad dismisses his fondness for Lalo, he was the one to pick up this little outfit for her in Korea. I’m not sure that Lalo actually enjoys being dressed up.. I am sure however that she very much dislikes pins/scrunchies/clips attached to her hair as she always manages to get them out within five minutes of them being put in.

For those of you who are curious, Lalo is an almost-seven-year-old pure bred Yorkie who lives with my parents in the suburbs of Boston, because they disallow pets in my building. With my rent going up 33% in August, I’ll be moving out, and hopefully to a pet-friendly location so I can be with her again!

I was given Lalo for my 21st birthday present, and I named her Lalo after the Cafe Lalo in NYC, and the composer Eduard Lalo whose symphony for the violin was the first big piece I performed.  She lived with me for four years before I moved into a new apartment that wouldn’t allow pets, and ever since- she’s been my parents canine baby.  Although, she is past adult-age, she looks like a little puppy and is treated that way…. Oh, I miss her! I can’t wait to see her.. Okay, off to my run.


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June 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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