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One of the blogs I mentioned in my last post, Carrots ‘N’ Cake, coins  “feel greatweight” as another term for goal weight.  Although I’m tired of diet/weight/calorie-related thoughts, I am well-above my healthy and happy weight. I was there about two years ago, but I quickly piled on the extra LBs not only because I had taken it off too quickly in the first place (with a crash diet), but I’d also never confronted my real food issues. The term “feel great weight” isn’t just about getting to your ideal weight numerically but it’s also about all the different implications of being that size- comfort with your body physically, emotionally & establishing a healthy connection to your own body.  For me, it is also a weight where you can indulge in that ice cream sunday or tiramisu at a fancy restaurant once in a while, and not eating like a bird all the time.  It’s a weight you want to maintain and actually can with relative ease.  It’s not a weight you have to struggle to stay at, counting every itty bitty fraction of a friggin calorie (only to binge later!). 

I want to get there so my frustration with my extra weight isn’t something I keep having to swallow/ignore/avoid on a daily basis. I want to get there so I’m more comfortable with myself. I want to get there so I’m healthier.

Currently I’m about 134 lbs, and at 5’2″ that’s not overweight by American standards but it is borderline, and for someone who has a small structure for my stature, it is numerically overweight.  My “happy weight” is about 118 lbs.  That is 16 lbs. For many, that is not a lot to take off, but for me it is!

16 lbs is 56,000 calories in the hole. At a moderately ambitious and healthy pace of taking off 2 lbs/week, we’re talking a eight week weight loss time-table, a negative caloric balance of 7,000 calories/week- translating to a negative 1000 calorie  balance per a day. 

I ordered a scale from Amazon, which will be arriving in the mail on Wednesday.  Thursday will be my first weigh-in … first of many on my journey to my ‘happy weight.’  Until then, it’s no vacation.. I’ve got to plan to succeed at this.. because I don’t want to be a dieter for life.. and as they say:

“Failures don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.”

Anyways.. on a lighter note:  Happy Monday everyone!


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June 20, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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