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Starting summer with wine?

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Last night, Chris & I went to a summer festival out in Concord, MA (suburb of Boston), celebrating the Summer Solstice. We rented a zipcar, picked up some picnic eats @Wholefoods in Bedford, rented a canoe, rowed down the Charles River out to a little gathering where a folksy band called Snow Crow was playing. 

They even had an otter under which people danced around.. heh..

Later that night, they had a bonfire.. you can’t see it in the photo below, but people are dancing around it, in tribal fashion..


It was a little trip into suburban hippiness that I wasn’t expecting.  To add to that… I am deathly afraid of ducks/geese (to be explained at a later date) and the dark, which meant the canoe ride back (after sunset) to the canoe rental center was a rather difficult trip.  Haha.. I’m not sure who was more freaked out.. me by the dark & the river-dwelling ducks, or Chris by me freaking  Still.. it was a refreshing outing for us city dwellers. 

During the picnic part of this trip, we had a healthy amount of wine.. It was lovely at the time, but as I fell asleep, the post-consumption headache began to set in, and this morning was not the funnest (sp?) couple of hours. I’m still feeling a little nausea more than 12 hours later, but it’s manageable…. happy hump day? Oy.. so what a start to summer!

Perhaps, it wasn’t the healthiest way to begin but it was an experience..that’s for sure. Plus.. I can check picnic off my Summer to-do-list!  I am sure I will have more.. but next time, less wine, more food/water!


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June 22, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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