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I squeezed out a pretty strong 5K this morning, after a very restless night of half-sleep.  I’ve got a very important meeting today at noon, EDT (please think of me!) and I guess its imminence kept me from relaxing into  my usual slumber.  Weighed in at 133.8 lbs this morning on my brand-sparklin’-new scale.  Not bad! I was expecting more so I’m pretty pleased.  Granted, it is mostly water weight lost through running. Maybe on Thursday of next week, I’ll look down at a pretty little 131.8?

I can’t wait to be done with this meeting.. but afterwards, I’ve got to ask my boss for a letter of recommendation.. aiyiayia.. stress. Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving work at lunch to take a bus to NYC for an important appointment on Saturday morning.  However.. in the middle of all that, I’ll get to see a few of my very good, highschool girlfriends tomorrow night for dindin- yay!!

Once I’m back in Boston Saturday evening, I’ll have a little time to wind down with Chris.. then we’ve got the BAA 10K on Sunday morning. Yikes.. intense weekend! Haha.. I suppose it means I will feel very productive! Perhaps I took on too much?


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June 23, 2011 at 12:33 pm

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