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Tired but so far, so good

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After a very long 7 hour bus ride to NYC, I quickly checked into my hotel and five minutes later my fabulous friends were in the hotel lobby ready to help me decompress after the crazy bus ride. Thank goodness for girlfriends!! We went to a casual little diner around the corner from the hotel where we quickly started with coffee (well decaf for me!). I wound up with a surprisingly delicious chicken and feta salad.. Yum!! After a few hrs of girl talk and a surprising sighting of our old high school principal, we called it a night. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep after all the sleep I got on the bus… But that was before I lied down haha..
This morning I let go of the plan to go for a run and indulged in a little extra sleep.. Boy I’m tired these days !! After a lovely morning shower I headed out to le pain quotidien on 7th&58th.. Yay for yummy steel cut oats:) good brain food..

20110625-053255.jpgAfter breakfast I was back at my hotel room to pack up my stuff before heading out to work (which is why I came to NYC in the 1st place!)
.. Four hours later I hopped in a cab to meet a childhood friend who happens to be in town for research on her thesis at le pain quotidien again! Hehe I could go there all the time 🙂
Before we knew it was time for me to catch my bus back to Boston!




Written by crimsoncoffee

June 25, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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