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Post Race Fun

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Ran the 10K in about 55 minutes.. the exact time will be posted later.

The run was a good chance to see where my fitness is.  Let me tell you… it feels like I need to be doing more. I had a small cramp at mile 2 (!!!), slowed down halfway through, and was exhausted by the end, and…it was only 6.2 miles!! I felt like I had run at least 15.. gotta get on upping that mileage… Yay for finishing though! Chris & I were only a few minutes apart at the finish line .. that’s a first! Poor guy.. he was slowed down by his bad achilles tendonitis 😦

We ran into my parents right outside the fenced off area… who we were so happy to see, especially since they invited us out to a post-race brunch at Sam’s.

After stretching, we picked up our tshirts and headed home to hit the showers. Don’t post-race showers feel so glorious?

Sam’s was good….(forgot to take photos, sorry!) I had a hickory smoked salmon with beans &cucumbers covered in a fresh dill &mint yogurt sauce (delish!), Chris had a lobster &grits dish (very southern for a Deutschmann!), Mom had a juicy burger, Dad had a dutch baby with a berry compote.. it was a lot of food!!

We’re back home now.. digesting.. Chris is watching the women’s soccer championship, while I catch up with my blogroll and blogging.  The day is still young though! This afternoon I’m headed out for a little mani/pedi time with a girlfriend before heading to Happy hour at Clio where a friend will be tending bar.. yay (again!) for girlfriends! Gotta remember to take more photos!


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June 26, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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