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Muffin debate

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My local Stop & Shop sells sugar free corn & double chocolate chip muffins that are 150 calories each.  They are sooo yummy but I know they are pretty much just chemicals. Otherwise, with that kind of taste, they would be well over 300 calories with lots of sugar and fat.  I love that they are so yummy and low calorie!  While I crave them all the time, I’ve kept myself from going to that Stop & Shop because I know they can’t be good for me and I want to be consuming more whole, natural, and nutritious foods.  It’s so tempting though… I’ve been thinking about them for 2 weeks non stop! (What is wrong with me?!)

I tried to replace this craving with my own version of a lower calorie, low fat banana muffin.. came out pretty bland and totally unsatisfying despite adding splenda.  My problem is not only that I love my sweets (even if they are artificial) but also I enjoy large quantities! Some people say it’s just a little taste they crave, and as long as they get a taste, they’re satisfied. Not me. It may be that I have a large appetite and also that I’m craving an ‘artificial’ food in the first place. 

I don’t want to be a person obsessed with a darn muffin that’s made of chemicals. I want to be someone who enjoys whole, natural, real foods in moderation and doesn’t need to eat massive quantities to feel satisfied… I know it’s a combination of bad eating habits and some kind of absence/hole in my life that has to be filled.

Anyways, for now.. I curse that muffin.


Written by crimsoncoffee

June 28, 2011 at 1:07 pm

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