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Practice doesn’t always make perfect but it does make it easier..

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Last night, since I got out of work by 4-  Chris and I revisited Vapiano (Sorry, I forgot to take photos-aiyaiyai!!) and ordered a glass of white wine & a bottle of Pellegrino to share before diving head first into some yummy eats.  Eventually, we got the pizza with parmesan, arugula & prosciutto, a spicy orange, fennel & shrimp salad along side their special of the day: hot brie with fruit.  Came out to a total of ~$50 which isn’t bad at all for Boston, and especially for the amount of food!  The pizza was only about 8″ in diameter and not loaded with cheese but I still felt I should work out afterwards, particularly since I hadn’t worked out since the 10K.  When I got home though (around 7), it was a totally different story. I was so exhausted, that I fell asleep in my workout clothes. 2 hours later, I woke up to realize I had just crashed at 7:30pm! I could tell my body was tired from the insufficient sleep during the two prior nights, so I just had a gulp of cold fresca and went back to bed.

This morning I popped up at 4am (!) without my alarm so I decided to hit the gym. I’m lucky enough to live in a building with a gym downstairs so I was on the Elliptical for 45 min, Walked on the Treadmill @8% incline for 15 min, and Jogged on the treadmill for 15 min.  Total burn was about 600 calories (according to the machines). I stretched quickly, hit the showers and headed to work! Feeling good!

Even after taking only a few days off from working out, it had become difficult to motivate myself to get to the gym.  Usually I go to the gym every weekday morning but after the race, I thought I would rest even though it was only 6.2 miles.  (That’s what I mean by ‘practice makes it easier’..’ I guess the saying about habits making or breaking you is what I’m getting at). Quickly I became content with not going to the gym until I saw a print proof of my out of shape tummy when the photos from the race were emailed to me last night.

(Sorry, I took down the photo. You can read my more recent posts to learn why).

I don’t actually think I look all that bad.  At 5’2″ I weighed in this morning (post-workout&shower) at 129.6 lbs. I’m down about 4 lbs in the past month& I’m not overweight but I am over my happy weight. I feel good in my clothes and while running when I’m around 115 lbs but I look fine and quite healthy around 120 lbs.  So I’ve resolved the following:

By my birthday, 7/24 (25 days = ~3 1/2 weeks from today): Lose 5.6 lbs (that’s approx.: 1.5 lb loss/week)

By September, 9/1 (64 days = ~9 weeks from today, and 39 days = ~5 1/2 weeks after my birthday): Lose 9 more lbs, total = 14.6 lbs, result: 115 lbs (that’s approx.: 1.6 lb loss/week)

I don’t think a 1.5-1.6 lb loss/week is unhealthy and it can be done without going overboard. It will require tenacity of course, but it isn’t too extreme. I aim at 115 lbs because I anticipate that once I recalibrate around 115, I will gain back a 2-3 lbs, which brings me to a healthy 118.  That will bring my BMI to 21.6 down from what it is now: 23.7.

Anyways: breakfast a cappucinno with almond milk (20 cal)  pre-workout and then post-workout:

Fiber One English Muffin (100 cal) + Venti Iced coffee with milk (30 cal)


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June 29, 2011 at 12:43 pm

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