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Up & Gym-ing it again :)

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Last night I met with my parents for an impromptu dinner at Legal Seafoods… mm!  Don’t you love when parents come into town and treat you to dinner?

We started with their yummy dinner rolls… I had mine and about 1/3 of my dad’s haha. Entree for me was one of their “legal classics”– the “wood grilled assortment” with fries and cole slaw. It had grilled shrimp, scallops, trout, swordfish and tuna! What a great combo! The fries were uber good too 🙂 I know I’m on a  ‘getting to my happy weight plan’ but this dinner was totally worth it! I enjoyed every last bite. For dessert, my parents and I shared the Strawberry shortcake.  Yum! Totally satisfying.

After that dinner, I knew I needed to squeeze in a work out, so.. I woke up this morning to hit the gym again, burned about 600 calories and I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I weighed in at 129 lbs! I guess the indulgent dinner didn’t pile on the weight!

In other news, I did order those muffins I dedicated a whole post to.  My reasoning was the following: I can’t have a 100% clean diet and be completely happy right now.  It would be ideal if I could but I can’t get there right away, so why not have a few things I enjoy that are low calorie and try to keep the rest of my diet healthy? I decided if their resumed consumption shows up on the scale of if I find that I’m not balancing them out with healthy foods, that they aren’t worth it and I will toss them (but hopefully that won’t have to happen!).  I want to be able to indulge and not obsess about something just because I tell myself I can’t have it. That’s no way to live.  That’s torture!

Anyways it’s a lovely day in Boston. What’s more, tomorrow is Friday- and the start of a long weekend!


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June 30, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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