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The amount I can eat when I’m PMS-ing is astounding. I will start with a healthy, super filling salad, in an attempt to quell the irrational pangs of hunger and craving.. only to still be left ‘starving’ for chocolate, bread, chips, ice cream.. it is completely ridiculous. 

I’m only a few days away from the monthly visitor and the PMS cravings are severe. I will eat & eat &eat, still left feeling hungry and I just have to stop myself. Last night, I had half a bag of pretzels and 2 large bags of popcorn, because that’s what I was craving.. and really, I didn’t have much else in the house.  (I guess, that’s why they encourage people trying to diet to keep the bad stuff out of the house!)

My emotional state over the break-up is making it harder, but then my post-indulgence discomfort makes me feel even worse.. it is a bad cycle. I’m trying to put a stop to it today. I started with a healthy bowl of cereal (mix of Kashi Golean and Allbran) with Almond milk and a cappuccino.  I’m working a half day today, leaving around noon. I’ll grab a wrap before my Powerplate class, after which my plan is to get a shellac mani and pedi.  Then, I gotta get a quick shower & pack a weekend before meeting a friend, and then head out to the burbs for the night.



Written by crimsoncoffee

July 8, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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