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Happy Friday!!

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OMG.. it is FINALLY Friday- Thank the Lord!! I’m so ready for a full nights rest and some decompression time. I’ve got a full weekend but I’m ready to be out of the office and to escape the city a bit. Schedule is as follows:


  • Work
  • Doctors appt
  • Apartment viewing (I’m looking for a new place!)
  • Cook enough for 15 women
  • Dinner
  • Sleep for 8 hours (11pm-7am)


  • Deliver food (volunteering)
  • TRX Class
  • Boxing lesson
  • Lunch with family
  • Revisit Container store
  • Bake more cookies
  • Sleep!!!


  • 90 min spin class
  • Help out at parents party
  • Grocery shop for the week
  • Head back to the apt
  • Vacuum, Clean up
  • Sleep!!

Wow that’s kind of a lot. The Sleep will be good and the relaxing on Saturday afternoon (post exercise) will be good though 🙂

Fridays are awesome. Last night I ran ~5 miles and woke up a little stiff and groggy.  This morning’s 30  min powerplate session woke me right up and now I’m feeling good.


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July 15, 2011 at 12:43 pm

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