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Getting back in shape.. aiyaiyai

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I’m just starting my third week on my plan to get back to my ‘happy weight.’ Boy.. it ain’t easy! I haven’t been too restrictive with my eating but I’ve been doing a LOT of exercise: boxing, personal training, spinning, TRX, powerplate class, running.. and boy, do I feel it in my muscles.. and my clothes! My clothes fit much more comfortably than before which is hugely rewarding and my sore muscles are proof that I’ve earned it. I haven’t actually weighed myself and I’m actually a little afraid to! I think it will say 129-something, which is good but also right on that borderline of being back in the 130s; if it’s in the 130s which is a possibility since I’ve developed a lot of muscle and I still eat quite a lot, I’ll be pretty upset. I don’t want to be upset by a number but c’mon.. y’all understand what I mean!

Regarding food- as I said, I haven’t been restrictive. I pretty much allow myself to eat most things except I do try to moderate the sweets (except fruit). I had one over-indulgent day (one week ago actually) when I had 3 chocolate chip cookies and 3 sugar waffles after dinner. I ran off most of it so I felt okay the day after but I sure don’t want that to happen again.  I could injure myself at that rate!

I’ve reconsidered what my ‘goal’ exactly is. It’s somewhere in the high-onehundred teens by September. That’s about six weeks away. At a rate of 2 lbs/week in weight loss it’s still healthily feasible  at a start of ~130 lbs. I do want to do it the right  way but it is pretty slow and patience-exhausting. I suppose I should feel lucky that I see the difference in my clothing fit after only 2 weeks though, right?



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July 19, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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