Lattes and …?

So what if it's just another site?

Who am I?

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I’m still figuring that one out.. and I’m sure it’ll change (grow?) with time

Right now.. I’m a 27 y/o living Boston, trying to stop delaying the future.. personally & professionally.

I’m blessed with many things: a wonderful family, an enriching job, hopes& dreams (yea.. I know, corny but it’s true), and awesome friends.

I’m just a (corny/emotional/over-thinking/ambitious/lucky) girl who wants more, who knows there’s more out there, and who’s willing to put in the dedication to go down that road (while counting her blessings).. one day at a time.

Obviously, I love my lattes .. I could attribute my birthplace (Belgium) to that, but I admit.. it’s probably my addiction to the smell, the caffeine, the time taken to make it & drink it, the sentimental value.. yea.. the whole shabang


Written by crimsoncoffee

June 18, 2011 at 7:55 pm

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